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Impact Envelopes

Dedicated to the supply of plain, overprinted and custom made envelopes, Impact Envelopes has a simple ethos - to ensure that customers receive an exceptional level of service for all of their envelope and envelope printing needs so are treated with the same respect and attention that we, in turn, would always hope to receive.

Founded and staffed by a team of highly experienced and motivated people, our service offering is designed to extend beyond many of the conventional envelope suppliers and envelope over-printers within the UK and believe that our commitment to first class service should be second to none.

We hope that you find the content of the site useful as a resource for all your plain and printed envelope needs/questions but please do call if you have any queries, require further information or would like a quote. 

Due to the myriad of different sizes, styles and print options available, we'd always prefer to ensure a more personal touch and hope to be speaking with you soon although we're also always available via email.

Why not also find and join us on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated with latest developments and also receive information regarding special offers and promotions run throughout the year.


This weeks top topic:
A brief overview of envelope sizes and styles.

An envelope is just an envelope...isn't it?
Perhaps not & you may be surprised at the variety of sizes, styles and products available as stock items.

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Whether you've spent tens of thousands of pounds on the design, content and print of your latest mailshot or it's just the daily invoicing - the first impression that your correspondence will make is actually the envelope itself. We'll always look at how you can maximise the positive impact through your choice of envelope.

Contacting Us


Whether it's by way of feedback, your suggestions for articles or a requirement for a quote, we'd like to hear from you. As such, our contact details are all as below plus you can always contact us outside of working hours via email and we'll endeavour to return the call or email as soon as we can.

Tel: 01952 608272

Fax: 01952 608341
E-Mail Contacts: