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Measuring the Envelope
Whilst seemingly obvious, the need to ensure that your envelope is of an appropriate size and also correctly oriented can easily be overlooked, most frequently in terms of the window size and position which can have disastrous consequences when working with marketing material and letters requiring address blocks to be visible.
Fortunately, the envelope industry does have a standard means of displaying and referencing envelope sizes and window positions which can be demonstrated as below:
Envelope Size
Envelope measurements are always made with the opening furthest away from you, regardless of whether Pocket or Wallet style. With the majority of envelopes sizes typically being metric, measurements are usually given in millimetres and are taken as follows:
Window Size and Position
As above, the most critical element for many applications is actually the window size and position which is referenced using 4 simple measurements. As with envelope size, the measurements are taken with the opening furthest away from you (i.e. at the top) and are as follows:
With the first measurement being the height of the window and the second to give the width (e.g. 45x90mm). The next two measurements are then in relation to the bottom (e.g. 60mm) and then from the left hand side (e.g. 20mm) - more commonly shown as 60up20ifl (in from left).
Exceptions to the rule
As with any rule, there will always be an exception or area in which to be careful. In the case of windows, some portrait windows may be measured differently (but will be stated as Portrait Window or "PW").
if in doubt, just ask - with a comprehensive stock range, we would rather provide you with a sample and ensure that your insert fits and address details show correctly. It benefits no one to have unusable envelopes and our sample service is simple to use and hopefully minimises any occasion which may have otherwise resulted in inappropriate stock being delivered or printed.