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As you may expect with such a diverse range of possible configurations available for envelope size/style/seal/paper - the possible plant list to cover every aspect and configuration would be immense but we are fortunate in that our years of industry knowledge and partnerships allow us access to the best-of-breed machinery to ensure that your envelopes are manufactured to the highest quality in the most efficient manner.

Pictured above is one of Winkler & Dunnebier 202RE's which are ideal for the production of a multitude of sizes and styles but frequently used in the production of High-volume gummed mailing wallets up to 353x190mm and allows for multiple windows with flexo print options dependent on units installed.

Operating at speeds of up to 1600 Envelopes per minute, skills in setting & controlling quality are vital and constant quality management needs to be vigorously maintained to ensure consistent ouput. With a potential output of 2 million envelopes per day from each machine, handling even the largest of demands is well within the remit of this formidable machine or its smaller sibling (the W&D 102RE - pictured below).

However, in order to service the full range of potential requirements and volumes, your envelopes could be produced on one of the smaller, modular, options from a variety of specialist production machinery designed with one common goal in mind - your satisfaction.