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About Lithographic Offset Printing

Given that there are many books dedicated to the application of printing processes and an explanation of the way in which the world of print has evolved, we decided to keep this as simple as we could and let Wikipedia do the rest on our behalf via the link below.

By way of [very] quick history, the term Lithography originates from the Greek for "writing on stone" with the process that spawned modern methods wasn't discovered and patented until 1798 by Alois Senefelder and draws on the basis that oil & water don't mix. As Alois' methods would be painfully slow if applied to modern, commercial, print - we are fortunate that litho offset printing has evolved somewhat to be a far speedier (and more mechanical) process!

Whilst it may have been simple to have plagarised areas of other peoples hard work, we do believe that credit should be given where due and we're certainly grateful to the contributors to wikipedia for having summarised the following for us:

In terms of the additional difficulties of printing onto a medium which is a double thickness from standard materials (or even treble thickness on the seams) that may have an exposed latex strip and may have varying thicknesses (because of the window) - suffice to say, not all printers like printing envelopes and it is why we insist on only working with specialised equipment in order to produce a finished product that meets the standards our customers expect.