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Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Impact Envelopes, we have a keen awareness of the impact on the environment and CSR so are keen to promote environmentally friendly alternatives wherever possible and only source product from reputable companies.

With our supply chain being constantly monitored to ensure compliance with our own CSR policies and beliefs, we also strive to ensure that customers are aware of the different alternatives that may be available for their envelope usage.

With a wide range of 100% Recycled envelopes to choose from, we can oftern provide options that will help your company adhere to environmental policies and promote best practice for responsible sourcing.

Having successfully demonstrated the necessary standards within the certification processes for both FSC and PEFC environmental aspects, we can now demonstrate and maintain Chain of Custody under both of those standards and ensure that the FSC and PEFC products that we source can continue to demonstrate their credentials right through to the end user.

In addition to the environmental certification, we also work towards compliance with the ISO14001 environmental standard and always endeavour to utilise eco-friendly alternatives to our own facilities wherever possible.

If you have a particular enquiry in respect of how your envelope sourcing can promote good practice and ensure environmental responsibility, please feel free to contact us or use the links page in the left hand navigation bar and we'll always be willing to share as much knowledge as we can.