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Direct Mail - Why use

We utilise a mixture of our own vehicles and, reputable, national 3rd party carriers to ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition. With plain note delivery options, our trade customers can have confidence in being able to deliver items directly to their customers and we can even ensure that your delivery notes are used to maintain a seamless relationship between you and your customer.

Our ethos in respect of deliveries under plain cover or your note is simple. We want to develop you as a customer and if we can do so by assisting with the maintenance and promotion of your image and branding, we will. Our interest is in servicing the needs of our customers and we do not retain specific details of delivery point details other than as required for administrative purposes.

Predominantly operating as a trade and wholesale printer and supplier means that our reputation for confidentiality is paramount. Whilst we offer online sales and facilities to general users, our core focus is on growing and supporting our trade customer base. Consequently, we will also, wherever possible, will look for reciprocal opportunities with our customers and use that facility to further strengthen the relationship that we hold with all of our friends and customers.

Tracking your delivery

Through using our own vehicles and only reputable carriers, we can offer access to their tracking facilities and will either do so ourselves and keep you updated as to progress or can supply consignment numbers for you to do so or pass to the end delivery point.
With timed delivery options for critical packages and deadlines, we will always aim to ensure that timely arrival is achieved and will use our relationship with carriers to locate and prioritise deliveries wherever possible.

From time to time, traffic conditions will play a part in the timeliness of a delivery but, as a sign of our commitment to ensuring an open and honest dialogue with our customers, the next time you're unsure as to accuracy of a reason given by any other supplier, we'd recommend always checking out the Highways Agency traffic reports.