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Direct Mail - Why use
With over 800 lines available, here's a quick summary of some of the more commonly used:
DL (110x220)

Generally the most common of "office" envelopes. Sized to take a sheet of A4 paper folded twice, ideal for invoices, statements and general letters. Available with a choice of window sizes and positions (including right hand windows), Peel & Seal or Self-Seal closures are the most popular for ease of sealing.
DL+ (114x229)

Sized slightly larger than an office DL, these are ideal for use with mail inserting machines which fold and insert correspondence before applying moisture to the gummed strip and sealing the envelope. Commonly used in higher volume applications, including door-drops and transactional or direct-marketing mailers.

C6 (114x162)

Designed to hold an A6 item, an A5 item folded once or an A4 item folded twice, C6 envelopes have a variety of popular applications including small format mailers where the content doesn't warrant the additional width of the DL+

C5 (162x229)

Increased in popularity since the introduction of Pricing in Proportion, this is sized to take either an unfolded A5 sheet of paper or A4 folded in half. As with many of the typical office envelopes, more commonly supplied as either Self-Seal or Peel & Seal and with growing popularity for premium paper weights or more vibrant colours.
                                 C5+ (162x235)

As with the DL+, the oversized C5 is predominantly used with mail folding and inserting machines and are still sized to take advantage of Pricing in Proportion (PiP). Ideal for mailing campaigns with automatic machine insertion and addressing, ensuring a consistent quality is key to minimise any delays at the fulfillment company.
                                  C4 (324x229)

Designed to take an A4 sheet unfolded, C4's are ideal for ensuring that your business correspondence or marketing literature arrives un-creased and professionally presented. Available in a variety of paper grades including our Premium and Optimum ranges to enhance your professional appearance.

And larger...or smaller

With stock lines available that include sizes larger than C3 down to wage envelopes or smaller, all sizes and styles are possible and can be manufactured to your requirements if one of the 600+ lines available don't suit. With paper grades ranging from 70gsm up to All-Board and Board-backed, picking your preferred paper presents the perfect potential for projecting a professional persona!